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Man walks into car, trooper arrests him for aggravated DWI

Sometimes a defendant's actions at the time of arrest will make defense counsel's job a bit more challenging. That's probably the case regarding the recent arrest of a 50-year-old male of Troy for aggravated DWI. The arrest occurred at a gas station in Rensselaer County where the arresting New York State Trooper was at a pump filling his tank.

Ages 16 and 17 and convicted of criminal offense as adults

New York is one of two states that treats 16- and 17-year-olds as adults for all crimes. That policy creates harsh results, such as where minors are tagged with a criminal record for committing a misdemeanor that consists of conduct that is sometimes seemingly harmless. In those cases, the state is marring the life of the teen by tagging him or her with a conviction of a criminal offense on conduct that may be directly tied into the youth's lower economic standing and paucity of supportive resources.

Citizen blockade results in drunk driving arrest

In an interesting turn of events in the western part of New York, a group of citizens participated in a vehicular blockade that resulted in a drunk driving arrest. Police say that several people noticed a driver displaying signs of erratic driving or possible drunk driving. According to the police report, the driver actually made contact with another vehicle before he was arrested.

New York wants to increase penalties for white collar crimes

Lawmakers and district attorneys in New York want to toughen laws in the state to crackdown on white collar crime. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has called for legislators in New York to strengthen current laws and pass new laws that will help New York prosecute more white collar crimes. 

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