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Former superintendent arrested after allegations of sex offenses

Criminal allegations often pit the words of one person against another. In some cases, all it takes is one phone call informing authorities of an alleged crime, and a person could be under investigation, which can be a stressful and daunting process on its own. A former superintendent at a New York City school district has recently been arrested following allegations of sex offenses involving a co-worker.

Camp counselor accused of multiple sex offenses in New York

Day camps are often a haven for many children who are out of school for the summer. Some adults dedicate their lives to such projects and often work with children of various ages on a daily basis. When one of these adults is indicted for sex crimes involving children, others may soon find themselves facing similar accusations. A camp counselor in New York was recently arrested following allegations for multiple sex offenses.

Sex offenses in New York: An overview

In addition to any and all potential legal consequences, residents of New York who are facing charges involving crimes of a sexual nature may be worried about the personal and social ramifications of the accusations as well. The term "sex offenses" can actually refer to a wide variety of crimes involving coerced or illegal sexual conduct. Any such accusations may damage an individual's relationships, reputation and even career. Regardless of the severity, anyone who has been accused of such crimes will undoubtedly want to secure the best criminal defense team possible, as a conviction almost certainly means being added to sex offender registries on both a state and a federal level.

Man registered for sex offenses charged with failure to verify

When a person is convicted of a sex crime, he or she is often required to be named on the sex offender registry for his or her state. This registry is made public for people to access so that they are aware if anyone convicted of sex offenses resides in the neighborhoods where they live and work. Failing to keep one's registry information current can lead to serious consequences, as one man in New York is learning.

Police accuse wife of complicity in alleged sex offenses

When sexual abuse takes place within a home or family in New York, there may be questions of whether bystanders have a duty to report the illegal activity and whether they can be arrested for a criminal offense for failing to do so. Where a man may be abusing a child, and his wife may be aware of it to some degree or another, can the authorities arrest the mother for a criminal violation in her own right? New York State Police would generally answer yes to that question as they did just recently in arresting a 51-year-old woman for allegedly knowing of her husband's sex offenses against a minor over a 10-year period.

Man charged with criminal offenses related to butt-slapping

A new kind of sexual offense has been discovered by the New York State Police and other state authorities -- it is called serial butt-slapping. Although the topic may sound frivolous, it is indeed important to the females who were allegedly exposed to the defendant's purported butt-slapping compulsion. Perhaps even more astounding, the authorities accuse the defendant of criminal offenses involving grabbing the butts of complete strangers.

Man awaits extradition to face sex offenses charges in New York

When a fugitive from one state is arrested in another state, the accused person will decide whether to contest or to waive extradition. In a current case, a New York man was arrested in another state on a warrant from this state that alleges sex offenses against him. He is in custody in that state awaiting extradition proceedings.

Police sting at State Fair nets many arrests for sex offenses

State officials were out in force at the New York State Fair this month in an effort to apprehend prostitutes and other sex offenders. During the five days of the fair, nearly 30 people were arrested for sex offenses. Authorities arrested 18 women for prostitution and 10 persons for promoting or profiting from prostitution. These are all misdemeanors under the law.

Award-winning teacher accused of Internet sex offenses

The Internet has facilitated a new frontier for the commission of criminal offenses. One big concern is the use by individual adults to use the Internet to commit sex offenses, which often involve minor children as the victims. In New York and elsewhere, it is becoming clear that people from all walks of life are emerging as defendants in prosecutions involving alleged sexual misconduct through online activities.

Sex offenses charged against man for online communications

In the traditional way of framing criminal offenses, a crime like attempted  rape would be based on at least some physical contact between the suspect and the victim. Typically, the attempt to rape would have failed for some reason and penetration would have been prevented or aborted, thus justifying a charge of attempt. In New York and elsewhere, the modern way of looking at such sex offenses appears to have taken on an added dimension: the authorities have extended the scope of attempt so that there is no need to have physical contact at all.

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