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New York police say this criminal offense is on the rise

It is a serious crime to steal mail out of a U.S. postal receptacle in New York or any other state. Since many people mail money, as well as documents or letters that may contain private information, the risk for financial loss or identity theft is high regarding theft of personal mail. Three men were recently accused of this criminal offense when officers claimed to have caught them red-handed. 

New York millionaire facing felony charges for suspected fraud

A man employed by Municipal Credit Union in New York since 1981 is now facing serious criminal charges. The situation has arisen from a federal investigation that apparently targeted five years' worth of the man's financial transactions. Facing felony charges, he has since been placed on administrative suspension from his position as CEO of the state's largest credit union. 

Police arrest and charge road rage suspect on felony charges

The New York State Police are not running out of road rage incidents to investigate. It may be that medical science should be doing the bulk of the investigating to try and determine what snaps in some drivers minds that leads to so many of these events. A recent wild confrontation leading to felony charges was captured on video when a driver stopped his car next to another car on the shoulder of I-87 in Ramapo. 

Facing felony charges while serving a court sentence

Being convicted and sentenced for a crime is no guarantee that a person will not run into further legal trouble. The case of a former surgeon currently serving time in a New York prison is evidence of that. The former orthopedic doctor is now facing felony charges regarding allegations that he committed fraud following a prior arrest on a separate matter and while serving a sentence for the conviction that was handed down in that case. 

Conor McGregor arraigned on felony charges in New York

UFC giant Conor McGregor is known for his rowdy, often rambunctious disposition. Traditional boxing fans throughout the world have come to know more about this man since his $30 million-guaranteed fight against boxing great Floyd Mayweather, Jr. From this point forward, he may also be known as the superstar fighter who got arrested on felony charges for supposedly inciting a brawl with other fighters in New York.  

Bank to pay big following felony charges

Most New York banks have systems in place to identify suspicious financial transactions. For instance, most banks hire workers to scrutinize incoming transactions to watch for possible money laundering activities. Federal prosecutors say the system at one bank based in another state was insufficient and that the bank tried to conceal the deficiencies from regulating bodies and prosecutors. U.S. Bancorp has since agreed to pay more than $600 million to avoid prosecution for felony charges in connection with the situation.

New law allows for sealing of old criminal offense records

A hopeful law went into effect in New York State on Oct.7. It allows for the sealing of criminal conviction records in specified circumstances. Both private attorneys and public defenders can file the paper work on behalf of clients. The conviction for a criminal offense must be at least 10 years old. Some types of offenses are automatically prohibited from relief.

Criminal defense: 3 accused of grand larceny and tresspassing

Three teenagers have recently been arrested and accused of multiple crimes following an alleged string of automobile thefts in New York. All three face numerous charges, including grand larceny and criminal trespassing, the penalties for which are severe if a conviction is obtained. Those accused of similar crimes might choose to prepare for legal proceedings by seeking guidance from a criminal defense attorney.

New York legislative changes affect criminal defense for teens

Until very recently, New York was one of two remaining states in the nation that charged some teens accused of crimes as adults, and punished them thusly upon conviction. All that changed on the evening of Friday, April 7, 2017 in a move that will have some definite – and hopefully positive – effects on the criminal defense of 16 and 17-year-olds. Not only will the process change for future teens facing charges, but the legislation also deals with their relocation from jails and prisons -- where the youths are currently being held -- to a more suitable facility.

New York CEO facing felony charges for grand larceny allegations

Felonies are considered more serious than misdemeanors and typically involve mandatory jail time. This may paint a rather dire picture for any New York individuals facing felony charges, but when it comes to criminal charges, there are also different degrees and classes of these crimes. For example, one New York woman has been charged with Grand Larceny in the fourth degree, which is a non-violent crime considered a class E felony.

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