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From a social gathering to a jail cell and drunk driving charges

Any number of mishaps can occur on your way home from a night out at your favorite New York pub with friends. Perhaps you realize, half way home, that you left your credit card at the checkout back at the restaurant. Maybe you get a flat tire a quarter mile from your house. One of biggest downers at the end of an otherwise pleasant evening is getting pulled over for suspected drunk driving.

It's often possible to avoid drunk driving conviction

New York police must have reasonable cause to pull you over in a traffic stop. Beyond that, they must have probable cause to make an arrest if they suspect you of drunk driving. While claiming to have witnessed your vehicle veering over the yellow line may warrant a stop, it is far from enough to result in criminal charges or conviction. 

Off-duty police officer arrested for DUI in New York

Like most New York residents, off-duty police officers often enjoy socializing or going out for dinner or a few drinks when they have free time. One patrolman recently wound up facing several legal problems when he got arrested after sleeping in his car. He has been charged with DUI and will now be given the opportunity to defend himself in court.

2 NYPD officers separately charged with DUI on same day

When a New York motorist is accused of intoxicated driving, he or she is guaranteed the right to present a defense to the formal accusations. DUI charges can negatively affect a person's personal and professional life, often even before charges have been fully adjudicated. Two police officers likely understand what that's like, as they were each recently arrested and charged with drunk driving, albeit in unrelated incidents.

Always be ready with strong DUI defense

If you drink alcohol then drive a car, it does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. In New York and all other states, a determining factor lies in the amount of your blood alcohol content at the time. This is usually measured through blood or urine samples taken as part of DUI investigations. Every person is presumed innocent and is guaranteed the opportunity to present a DUI defense if charges are filed.

Driver in New York arrested for DUI following fatal crash

A man was recently taken into custody in New York after reportedly causing a fatal car accident due to drunk driving. The alleged DUI collision involved five automobiles. In addition to killing a man, the accident resulted in injuries to a woman.

New York police officer involved in DUI situation, as a defendant

Every once in a while a situation arises where one of New York's finest is accused of criminal activity. This type of incident recently occurred when police officers arrested a man on suspicion of DUI. It just so happened the man was an off-duty cop himself.

Don't let drunk driving charges ruin your life

There are a lot of ways to ruin perfectly fine evenings out in New York, with friends. One is to get pulled over by police on your way home on suspicion of drunk driving. Since, as the saying goes, anything you say or do could be used against you in court, it's really important to make informed, thought-out decisions when answering any questions a police officer at the scene of a traffic stop may ask you. 

1 facing drunk driving charges after crash at construction site

Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol can be a stressful and intimidating experience. A conviction for similar charges carries serious consequences, which may only become more severe should an accident occur, especially if another party suffers injuries in the process. A 28-year-old man is facing several charges after he was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving following an accident involving a construction worker in New York.

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