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Ways to avoid DUI conviction in New York

Getting pulled over by a New York police officer can be a stressful experience. In fact, things often get a lot worse before they get better, especially if the officer believes the driver may have shown signs of DUI. It is best to remain as calm as possible in such circumstances, even if an arrest takes place.  

Drunk driving charges not this man's only problems

When a New York police officer makes a traffic stop, there's no telling what types of events may unfold. Sometimes, a Putnam County officer may merely issue a speed warning then free a motorist to leave the scene without any lasting repercussions. On the other hand, that's not always how it goes, as made evident by a recent occurrence that resulted in drunk driving charges against a 35-year-old man.  

Practical tips for avoiding DUI in New York

Summertime is just around the bend and for many residents in New York and other states, that includes plans for beach trips, graduation parties and other social gatherings. Many such events are likely to include alcoholic beverages, which for some, pose a risk for DUI arrest. There are several ways to avoid such problems, however, and also steps to take to try to minimize one's circumstances if drunk driving charges are indeed filed at some point.  

Heading to court on a DUI dram shop issue in New York?

If a New York business owner or private resident sells or provides alcohol to another party or parties, there may be legal repercussions if an accident later occurs. For instance, a person may patronize a local pub, spend several hours drinking, then get behind the wheel of a car to drive and ultimately cause a collision that results in the injury or death of another person. Sadly, DUI crashes cost thousands of lives every year.  

DWI conviction overturned in New York

Some time ago, a New York police officer responded to a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, he was struck by another car as he attended the scene and did not survive his injuries. The tragedy led to DWI and other criminal charges against the man who had been behind the wheel of the wrecked vehicle.  

Teenager on Long Island arrested for DUI following car crash

A 19-year old woman and several others wound up in a hospital following a recent motor vehicle collision. The teenager was driving at the time when her car and a truck collided. The events that unfolded from there quickly drew the attention of several passers-by who pulled off the road to try to help those in need. The situation also led to the woman's need for criminal defense assistance because she is now facing DUI charges in New York.

From a social gathering to a jail cell and drunk driving charges

Any number of mishaps can occur on your way home from a night out at your favorite New York pub with friends. Perhaps you realize, half way home, that you left your credit card at the checkout back at the restaurant. Maybe you get a flat tire a quarter mile from your house. One of biggest downers at the end of an otherwise pleasant evening is getting pulled over for suspected drunk driving. 

It's often possible to avoid drunk driving conviction

New York police must have reasonable cause to pull you over in a traffic stop. Beyond that, they must have probable cause to make an arrest if they suspect you of drunk driving. While claiming to have witnessed your vehicle veering over the yellow line may warrant a stop, it is far from enough to result in criminal charges or conviction. 

Off-duty police officer arrested for DUI in New York

Like most New York residents, off-duty police officers often enjoy socializing or going out for dinner or a few drinks when they have free time. One patrolman recently wound up facing several legal problems when he got arrested after sleeping in his car. He has been charged with DUI and will now be given the opportunity to defend himself in court.

2 NYPD officers separately charged with DUI on same day

When a New York motorist is accused of intoxicated driving, he or she is guaranteed the right to present a defense to the formal accusations. DUI charges can negatively affect a person's personal and professional life, often even before charges have been fully adjudicated. Two police officers likely understand what that's like, as they were each recently arrested and charged with drunk driving, albeit in unrelated incidents.

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