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Attention prescription users: Meds often lead to drug charges

There are numerous legitimate reasons for taking prescription drugs. Doctors in New York and throughout the nation prescribe medication every day as a means of treating a plethora of health-related conditions. Included in the various types of drugs people take to help overcome mental or physical health problems, opioids rank high among those most commonly prescribed; however, they also rank high among medications that often lead to criminal drug charges.  

Mahopac couple accused of illegal drug possession

A 36-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman who share a home in Mahopac recently landed in jail after New York narcotics officers paid them a visit. The couple have a son who is less than a year old. The child was reportedly inside the home when the Putnam County Sheriff's department dispatched officers to the scene to conduct a search. The incident didn't end so well for the child's parents, who now face illegal drug possession charges as well as several other offenses.  

Brewster woman facing drug charges after New York traffic stop

A trip to a New York gas station didn't end so well for a 24-year-old woman who was behind the wheel when a patrol officer stopped her. The officer claims the woman had violated traffic laws, though the claimed violations were not detailed in a news report. The events that unfolded from that point on led to her arrest and drug charges

Be aware of search and seizure rights when facing drug charges

New York prosecutors may aggressively try to obtain convictions and want to present evidence to the court that investigators gathered in a vehicle search. As a defendant, it is crucial to know whether police were acting in accordance with the law. Many police officers have violated personal rights in the past by ignoring regulations, then arming prosecutors with evidence to file drug charges.  

Prescription drugs that can lead to legal problems

Habits are said to be easily formed but difficult to break. This is especially true where prescription drugs are concerned. While there are many valid reasons why someone in New York or elsewhere would take a prescribed medication, several types of prescription drugs often lead to serious addiction, often accompanied by legal problems that may have far-reaching consequences.  

Are you facing drug charges over prescription medication?

Many people in New York and throughout the nation are currently living with negative side effects from moderate to severe injuries or illnesses. Symptoms often include chronic pain and discomfort. Doctors often prescribe medication to help alleviate pain and discomfort; however, in some situations, those taking prescription medications become addicted and wind up facing drug charges.  

Man in New York facing federal drug charges

Anyone who has dealt with the criminal justice system understand how stressful it can be. Sometimes, a person will have to appear in several different courts at various appointed times before his or her case is fully adjudicated. An example of this can be found in one situation where a New York man was facing drug charges at the state level in another state, but is now facing federal charges after the charges at the state level were dismissed.  

Three men arrested for drug possession in New York

A traffic stop led to the arrests of three individuals recently. The men were driving in southeast New York when they were stopped by state police. Upon investigation, the individuals were suspected to be in violation of the law and charged with weapon and drug possession. They are currently being held in the Putnam County jail and are awaiting trial. 

Police say chase led to charges of illegal drug possession

A New York man is accused of trying to evade police officers who were in pursuit of him on a recent Monday night. The 34-year-old is now facing drug possession charges. The man was reportedly wanted by authorities because of various traffic and vehicle violations. Police say the man drove away when they attempted to detain him.

New York man arrested in Applebee's lot now facing drug charges

New Yorkers are certainly familiar with Applebee's restaurants. Parking lots outside such establishments are often busy places. Authorities in Putnam County say a particular Applebee's lot recently had a lot more going on in it than restaurant patrons looking for parking spots. In fact, they arrested one man who is now facing serious drug charges.  

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