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September 2020 Archives

Knocked unconscious? You could still fully recover

One of the main questions people who suffer severe concussions or who are taking care of people with concussions ask is if they are going to recover. There is no guarantee that anyone will fully recover from any kind of brain injury, but when being knocked unconscious is part of the process, then the likelihood of recovery could be reduced.

Is a DWI actually a serious offense?

When you think about a charge for driving while intoxicated, what do you think? Do you think that it's not serious or that it's just fees or fines that you'll pay? Do you think it's common or a simple charge that is much like a speeding ticket?

These 4 kinds of defenses could help fight a DUI

Though there are many ways that an attorney can help you fight a DWI charge, it's important that the right technique is used in your defense. Depending on the reason for the traffic stop and the factors that played a role in the DWI, certain defense options may be better than others.

Vehicle safety features often disabled by drivers

When many New York residents were children, they may have thought that flying cars would exist by the time they reached adulthood. Though flying cars are still out of reach in 2020, the idea of having self-driving vehicles seems to be getting closer to becoming a reality. While this advancement may intrigue you, you may not feel confident in the safety level of such vehicles.

It's time to talk about estate planning with your aging parents

When your parents are getting older, you might be wondering about their end-of-life plans. You know some of their wishes, like what happens if they fall ill or have to go to a nursing home, but no one has outright spoken about their estate plans or other specifics.

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