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Should you use a designated driver?

DWIs can take place anywhere and may even happen when you're not in a car. You could get a DWI while driving a boat or even while riding a lawnmower in some situations. Using any vehicle while under the influence puts you in a position where you could be stopped, accused of driving drunk and arrested.

Challenging New York's 'per se' laws

Your arrest for drunk driving may have been a discouraging and humiliating experience, and you can be certain there is more to come. If police put you through roadside sobriety tests, you may have noticed other vehicles slow down so the occupants could watch. The local paper or news website may have published your name. Perhaps your own family treated you with coolness or accusation after your release.

Utilize trusts when making your estate plan

While it is never pleasant to contemplate one's own mortality, responsible spouses, parents and grandparents want to make things easier for their loved ones when they pass away. That's why most decide to plan their estate distribution and other related matters while they are still able to execute these legal documents.

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