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July 2019 Archives

Americans are falling behind on creating wills: Make yours now

When you think about estate planning, you're probably thinking about it as an individual. After all, your death or injuries will involve you on your own. However, when you plan for your passing or for a severe injury, you may wish to do so with your significant other.

License suspension no longer mandatory for drug crime convictions

Any type of criminal accusation could cause serious issues for the accused person. Of course, some repercussions may seem unwarranted for the given circumstances. For instance, you may be among the many individuals who believe that consequences to your driver's license -- such as suspension or revocation -- should not occur if the crime did not involve driving.

Why you should protect your digital footprint after death

One thing that people need to start accounting for in their estate plans is the protection of their digital accounts and assets. Take, for example, the number of people who have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media pages. These accounts can be left open after a person's death, closed or converted into legacy accounts, which can be used to mourn, celebrate and remember a person after they've passed away.

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