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June 2019 Archives

What can you do to avoid a crash with tourists?

Traffic accidents are common throughout New York, and with the summer here, it means that more tourists will be piling into the state. While tourism is a great way to bring more money into the local economy, it can also be a huge hassle for the people who live there all year.

Woman faces charges after killing 29-year-old cyclist in DWI

Driving when intoxicated can quickly cause problems for you. If you cause a crash, you could be charged for harming or killing another person on top of being intoxicated and reckless. Even worse, if you have passengers or children in your vehicle, you could face penalties that are much more significant, going as far as to threaten your ability to keep custody of your child in the most severe cases.

Adequately funding your child's special needs trust

When your child with special needs came into your life, everything changed. You certainly knew struggles and heartaches like never before, but you may also have experienced the kinds of joy many other parents take for granted. You may spend most of your days thinking about ways to protect and care for your child.

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