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March 2019 Archives

What do you wear to court?

Appearances matter in court. As someone who is facing criminal charges, this needs to be made clear to you. If you walk into court in an orange jumpsuit and in chains, there's going to be an automatic bias in the jury or by others. That's not fair, but it's the way that society works.

Tourists can cause crashes: Follow these tips to avoid errors

Motor vehicle accidents in New York can occur in busy cities or in rural areas where traffic is rare. With such a varied state, drivers have to learn to drive in a variety of conditions. Those who are living in New York as residents may adjust to the driving conditions easily, but those who are visiting pose a threat due to their lack of experience on New York's roads.

Do you have reason to update your estate plan?

Having an estate plan is immensely useful. If you have already created your plan, you may feel as if you are ahead of the game. While you should certainly feel proud and accomplished for taking a step that many people in New York and elsewhere put off until it is too late, it would be wise for you to remember that you need to update your plan as well.

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