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February 2019 Archives

A good defense relies on honesty and trust

There are many concerns people have about working with criminal defense attorneys. Some believe that an attorney might not believe them and not take the case as seriously as they would for someone who they feel is innocent. Others believe that they'll end up being turned over to the police if they tell the attorney they're guilty or explain their situation fully.

Is an ignition interlock device mandatory after first DWI?

After facing a charge for driving while intoxicated, you may wonder what the outcomes of your case will be. Because each situation like this is unique, your results and the case itself will differ from those of others who have faced similar charges. Understandably, you may feel overwhelmed, simply by the fact that police have charged you with a crime.

Should my estate plan discuss euthanasia or assisted suicide?

When you are planning for old age and beyond, you'll be making changes to your estate plan. Your estate plan is a group of important legal documents that dictate what you'd like to see happen if you are unable to make decisions for yourself or if you pass away.

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