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August 2018 Archives

Motorists should be even more cautious in school zones

You've likely noticed many more buses or parents with children in the back seats of their cars recently as school is getting back into session once again. It can always be helpful to get a refresher in about how to keep our kids safe out on the roadways.

New York DWI may cause your car to not start

Have you ever been late for work or an important meeting (or a special date) because your car would not start? It can be quite frustrating having someplace to be and not being able to get there because your vehicle isn't doing what it's supposed to do. In New York and many other states, one of the things that can keep your car from starting is an ignition interlock device.  

Mahopac's low crime statistics give police more time to patrol

Data compiled by Neighborhood Scout shows that Mehopac is one of the safest cities in New York, with a crime index of 93 out of 100. It's not completely devoid of all crime, though. There are certain areas of the city that are safer than others.

Can you refuse a roadside chemical test in New York?

If you get pulled over by law enforcement or caught up in an enforcement roadblock, you may wonder what rights you have under New York law. It can be frustrating and frightening to have a police officer ask you to submit to a chemical test. You may worry about the accuracy of the test and whether you are causing legal problems for yourself. That may make you want to refuse the test to avoid implicating yourself.

Family conflicts threaten estate plans more than taxes do

Oftentimes, when you hear about estate planning being discussed in the media, you hear how individuals are seeking to reduce the tax obligations that their estate and beneficiaries are left paying. A recent TD Wealth study suggests that taxes shouldn't be your biggest concern though, but instead the prospect of relatives contesting your will should be.

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