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July 2018 Archives

Identity thieves first steal Social Security numbers, then credit

So far this summer, there have been many newsworthy cases in which consumers' identities have been stolen creating major headaches for companies and ruining customers' credit. In case you're wondering what hackers are going after when they steal people's identities, it's mostly Social Security numbers. Each year, several million victims fall prey to identify theft schemes each year in the United States.

Even cautious motorcyclists are still at risk

During the long New York winters, you probably count the days until summer when you can get back on your motorcycle and enjoy the freedom, even if it's only to get to work. Maybe you ride for convenience, for the savings on gas or for the camaraderie of the motorcycle community, but you can also admit that it is more fun than driving a car.

Why is it important to have an estate plan in place?

While many have been conditioned to think that estate planning is only for the wealthy, it's not. It's actually for anyone who wants to take ownership of what happens to them or their assets if they become incapacitated or die. People of all means can benefit from drafting an estate plan.

New York drunk driving charges can impact your finances and life

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle, a person's gender, their body weight and the amount of alcohol they consumed can impact their level of intoxication. Whether they consumed any food either before or while drinking and how long it took for them to finish the food may also affect how responsive they are to stimuli as well.

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