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June 2018 Archives

Developing a strong criminal defense

When you are accused of committing a crime, it is important that you take action immediately in order to defend yourself, whether you committed the crime that you were accused of or not. Everyone is entitled to the opportunity to defend themselves, and a good defense could change the entire course of your future.

What should I do at an accident scene to preserve evidence?

Finding yourself involved in an accident, whether you were the at-fault driver or not, can be very stressful. Even the most minor of accidents can lead to injuries for anyone involved. If you are the cause of a car crash in Mahopac, New York, you will want to do everything possible to defend yourself. This might include preserving the evidence at the scene that could get you off the hook.

Injuries caused by Mahopac car accidents

Each time you get behind the wheel in Mahopac, you have to think about safety. It might not be at the forefront of your mind all the time, but the thoughts need to cross your mind at least once or twice. Staying safe when on the road is vital to your health and to your life. You don't want to be involved in an avoidable accident. Then there are accidents that are completely unavoidable and they can cause some serious injuries.

How do-it-yourself websites compare to estate planning attorneys

You have heard the warnings and recommendations from friends, professionals, maybe even your own children. You need an estate plan and the sooner the better. Perhaps the recent deaths of celebrities who died suddenly and left no protection for their legacies prompted you to consider the benefits of establishing a plan for when you pass away.

Choosing a power of attorney in New York

It's not easy to talk about end of life plans with your significant other or even your adult children. No one wants to think about death. However, it is important so you are prepared and your family is not left in the lurch. One of the most important parts of planning your estate is picking a power of attorney. Following are some tips for making the selection.

Spotting distracted drivers in Mahopac

Getting behind the wheel in Mahopac, New York, is dangerous. Car accidents occur every couple of minutes all over the state. There's no guarantee that you will be immune from getting in a car accident during your lifetime. The sheer volume of cars on the road argues against that. One of the worst types of drivers out there today is the distracted driver. Here's how to spot one so you can stay far away from them.

Defending yourself against a robbery accusation

Being accused of a robbery is a very serious situation to be in. It could potentially result in jail time, and depending on the type and magnitude of the robbery you were accused of, it could affect the rest of your life. Therefore, it is very important to take early action in order to defend yourself against a robbery charge in New York.

Should I submit to field sobriety tests?

If you get stopped for suspicion of drunk or impaired driving, you need to understand the potential consequences of any actions and admissions that you take or make. In some instances, how you comport yourself in the immediate aftermath of a DUI stop can determine whether you get arrested or are allowed to proceed on your way.

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