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May 2018 Archives

Heading to court on a DUI dram shop issue in New York?

If a New York business owner or private resident sells or provides alcohol to another party or parties, there may be legal repercussions if an accident later occurs. For instance, a person may patronize a local pub, spend several hours drinking, then get behind the wheel of a car to drive and ultimately cause a collision that results in the injury or death of another person. Sadly, DUI crashes cost thousands of lives every year.  

Are you facing drug charges over prescription medication?

Many people in New York and throughout the nation are currently living with negative side effects from moderate to severe injuries or illnesses. Symptoms often include chronic pain and discomfort. Doctors often prescribe medication to help alleviate pain and discomfort; however, in some situations, those taking prescription medications become addicted and wind up facing drug charges.  

New York police say this criminal offense is on the rise

It is a serious crime to steal mail out of a U.S. postal receptacle in New York or any other state. Since many people mail money, as well as documents or letters that may contain private information, the risk for financial loss or identity theft is high regarding theft of personal mail. Three men were recently accused of this criminal offense when officers claimed to have caught them red-handed. 

Man in New York facing federal drug charges

Anyone who has dealt with the criminal justice system understand how stressful it can be. Sometimes, a person will have to appear in several different courts at various appointed times before his or her case is fully adjudicated. An example of this can be found in one situation where a New York man was facing drug charges at the state level in another state, but is now facing federal charges after the charges at the state level were dismissed.  

Three men arrested for drug possession in New York

A traffic stop led to the arrests of three individuals recently. The men were driving in southeast New York when they were stopped by state police. Upon investigation, the individuals were suspected to be in violation of the law and charged with weapon and drug possession. They are currently being held in the Putnam County jail and are awaiting trial. 

Police say chase led to charges of illegal drug possession

A New York man is accused of trying to evade police officers who were in pursuit of him on a recent Monday night. The 34-year-old is now facing drug possession charges. The man was reportedly wanted by authorities because of various traffic and vehicle violations. Police say the man drove away when they attempted to detain him.

New York millionaire facing felony charges for suspected fraud

A man employed by Municipal Credit Union in New York since 1981 is now facing serious criminal charges. The situation has arisen from a federal investigation that apparently targeted five years' worth of the man's financial transactions. Facing felony charges, he has since been placed on administrative suspension from his position as CEO of the state's largest credit union. 

DWI conviction overturned in New York

Some time ago, a New York police officer responded to a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, he was struck by another car as he attended the scene and did not survive his injuries. The tragedy led to DWI and other criminal charges against the man who had been behind the wheel of the wrecked vehicle.  

Teenager on Long Island arrested for DUI following car crash

A 19-year old woman and several others wound up in a hospital following a recent motor vehicle collision. The teenager was driving at the time when her car and a truck collided. The events that unfolded from there quickly drew the attention of several passers-by who pulled off the road to try to help those in need. The situation also led to the woman's need for criminal defense assistance because she is now facing DUI charges in New York.

Police arrest and charge road rage suspect on felony charges

The New York State Police are not running out of road rage incidents to investigate. It may be that medical science should be doing the bulk of the investigating to try and determine what snaps in some drivers minds that leads to so many of these events. A recent wild confrontation leading to felony charges was captured on video when a driver stopped his car next to another car on the shoulder of I-87 in Ramapo. 

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