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February 2018 Archives

Bank to pay big following felony charges

Most New York banks have systems in place to identify suspicious financial transactions. For instance, most banks hire workers to scrutinize incoming transactions to watch for possible money laundering activities. Federal prosecutors say the system at one bank based in another state was insufficient and that the bank tried to conceal the deficiencies from regulating bodies and prosecutors. U.S. Bancorp has since agreed to pay more than $600 million to avoid prosecution for felony charges in connection with the situation.

Major drug raid resulted in many arrests and drug charges

New York police say one of their recent drug investigations was successful. That may not be the exact word 16 people now facing drug charges would use to describe the incident. The arrests were part of an extensive investigation known as, "Operation Yellow Brick Road."

Always be ready with strong DUI defense

If you drink alcohol then drive a car, it does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. In New York and all other states, a determining factor lies in the amount of your blood alcohol content at the time. This is usually measured through blood or urine samples taken as part of DUI investigations. Every person is presumed innocent and is guaranteed the opportunity to present a DUI defense if charges are filed.

Driver in New York arrested for DUI following fatal crash

A man was recently taken into custody in New York after reportedly causing a fatal car accident due to drunk driving. The alleged DUI collision involved five automobiles. In addition to killing a man, the accident resulted in injuries to a woman.

Drug charges against 11 in New York include trafficking

Police say they arrested 11 men in New York who were raking in approximately $17,000 a week in a large-scale illegal drug operation. Of course, just because police allege something, doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Those arrested in this or any other drug-related situation are guaranteed the right to defend themselves in court. Drug charges in this particular case include trafficking and conspiracy.

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