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December 2014 Archives

Teen charged with domestic violence murder of 5-year-old cousin

Reports of missing children sometimes turn out to be bogus. In upstate New York, Albany County authorities say that they received a report from a 19-year-old female that her five-year-old cousin was taken forcefully from her by two masked men on Dec. 18. Police deemed the report false after a K-9 unit found the child dead under a nearby pile of snow. The woman's arrest for second degree murder may carry allegations of some kind of domestic violence inflicted on the boy to cause his death.

Police: woman hit 5 pedestrians, drunk driving charges filed

According to New York authorities, a 34-year-old Brooklyn woman had two suspended licenses when she drove erratically and crashed near Herald Square recently. She had a suspended driver's license and a suspended law license. She was arrested on a string of charges, including drunk driving, after she allegedly drove her Mustang convertible onto the sidewalk, hitting and injuring five pedestrians, and crashing into a storefront.

Drug sweep nets over 80 arrests and multiple drug charges

In New York state as well as elsewhere, drug sweeps are generally good for increasing public relations between the community and the police departments involved. However, whether they have an impact on the volume of drug operations is usually difficult to measure. Furthermore, there has generally been no evidence offered that the demand for drugs goes down in the aftermath of mass sweeps resulting in hundreds of drug charges and dozens of arrests. That fact begs the question whether the raids are worth the substantial public resources invested, both in terms of the burgeoning costs of law enforcement and the drain on court operations.

Cops in botched effort to charge barber with criminal offense

The police in New York City are having a rocky season. More specifically, there seems to be some pent-up violent energy erupting, particularly in the borough of Staten Island. As the whole country now knows, a group of five or six officers were involved in a possible criminal offense after they accosted Eric Garner on a street corner this past summer and accused him of selling loose cigarettes.

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