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June 2014 Archives

New York point guard pleads guilty to felony charges for a gun

A New York Knicks point guard, Raymond Felton, recently entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors on gun charges stemming from a domestic incident involving his estranged wife. Police filed felony charges against Felton after his wife’s divorce lawyer brought his fully loaded, semiautomatic handgun to the a police station and complained that she didn’t want it in the house anymore. The agreement requires pleading guilty to a felony gun charge, putting in 500 hours of community service, paying a $5,000 fine, registering as a gun offender and giving up any right to appeal the case.

Man faces felony charges for alleged New York hit and run

The reasons behind fleeing the scene of an accident can vary widely. From poor visibility to criminal intent, there are numerous reasons why someone proceeds to leave an accident scene. Whatever the reason may be, New York police are required to investigate the alleged hit-and-run in a fashion that allows them to find probable cause to support an arrest. If they do not find sufficient evidence, an arrest and the resulting felony charges may not stand up once a defense is presented in court.

New York couple facing drug charges after traffic stop

Drugs are a serious problem in New York. With this in mind, police may be on the lookout for a reason to be able to stop a driver and conduct a search of his or her vehicle. A simple drive to the store could turn into a legal nightmare. Drug charges can negatively impact an individual's freedom and his or her ability to earn a living. Recently, two individuals were subject to a traffic stop and subsequently arrested for heroin and cocaine possession.

Drug possession and manufacture charges arise out of eviction

Sometimes a warrant of eviction may lead to drug charges. When authorities go out to conduct an eviction, they may see evidence of drug crimes when entering an apartment or home. This presents obvious problems for the residential tenant who has not only has lost his privacy right to have peaceful enjoyment of the premises, but who also then simultaneously loses other privacy rights and, indeed, may be arrested and incarcerated. That happened recently in a New York case where the two residents now find themselves evicted and also incarcerated for drug possession and manufacture charges.

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