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Drug Charges Archives

Investigation leads to numerous drug charges for 1 in New York

Being the subject of a drug-related investigation can be a stressful and daunting process. Those who face drug charges under similar circumstances could be uncertain how to proceed, potentially prompting a need to seek guidance moving forward. A 46-year-old man has recently been arrested and accused of multiple drug crimes following a recent investigation that is said to have taken place in New York.

1 facing felony drug charges following traffic stop in New York

Upon initiating a stop for a traffic violation, a police officer may request to search the vehicle, perhaps especially if he or she becomes suspicious of criminal activity. While in some cases a search may be uneventful, in others, a person could be facing criminal charges should the officer claim to uncover the presence of illegal drugs. A 27-year-old man has been arrested and is facing drug charges following a recent traffic stop in New York.

Woman faces felony drug charges following routine traffic stop

Many individuals have faced criminal accusations following a routine traffic stop. Although each individual has rights that must be upheld in this process, should authorities have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, the search of a vehicle may ensue. A recent traffic stop in New York has reportedly led to drug charges for two passengers, one of whom faces felony charges.

Fire alarm leads to drug charges for 4 in New York

Fire alarms are placed in buildings everywhere to alert emergency responders of potential dangers. Should one of these alarms go off, the response time is generally swift, and upon arrival, an investigation of the area typically follows. While this sweep may be intended to identify potential hazardous, if suspicious activity is present, accusations of crimes may follow. Four individuals are reportedly facing drug charges after a similar situation in New York.

Drug charges for New York man following reports of local meth lab

A great deal of effort and resources are put into finding and shutting down labs that are used to cook methamphetamine. A single report of an alleged lab is often enough to spark an investigation into the residence in question. A 47-year-old man has recently been arrested under similar circumstances in New York, and is facing multiple drug charges in relation.

2 facing drug charges after being detained by officer

Facing allegations for a drug-related crime can often be an intimidating process. With the severity of the potential consequences of a conviction for similar offenses, those who face drug charges may often wish to protect themselves by challenging the charges during court proceedings. Two men in New York may currently be focusing on their defense after they were recently arrested while out walking.

Search of New York residence leads to numerous drug charges for 2

Many individuals have surveillance equipment installed at their place of residence for a variety of reasons. Although cameras can provide a certain level of protection, for someone who is accused of a crime, such equipment may be viewed as a form of paranoia or suspicion. Two individuals in New York have recently been arrested on multiple drug charges after the search of a property that was apparently under heavy surveillance.

1 facing drug possession charges after traffic stop in New York

Countless individuals in New York and elsewhere have been pulled over for failing to wear a seat belt at some point in their lives. While for many this may only involved a warning, others have faced additional charges following the suspicion of drug possession. A 31-year-old man is facing multiple charges after he was allegedly found in possession of drugs and firearms during a recent traffic stop.

Allegedy failing to wear a seat belt leads to drug charges for 2

When stopped for a traffic violation, many individuals over the years have been accused of additional offenses following a search of the vehicle. Those who face these circumstances have rights that must not be violated in the process, and many of them have subsequently been accused of drug charges soon thereafter. Two people in New York were recently arrested under similar circumstances, one of whom is now facing felony charges.

Security guard eventually cleared of drug charges in New York

Police officers have arrested countless individuals over the years on suspicion of drug-related crimes. Accused individuals often find the criminal defense process to be stressful and daunting. Even if a person is eventually cleared of all charges, he or she could have suffered significantly throughout this period. A security guard recently experienced a similar situation after he was accused of drug charges in New York.